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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hudson's Nautical Nursery Reveal

8 more weeks and this little man who wiggles and has serious moves like Jagger, this little man who has turned my life upside down from the inside of my belly, and this little man who has stolen our entire hearts since we heard the first beat of his...8 more weeks and this man will be here.
That is so insane to me.
We have spent so much time prepping for his arrival and to know that he is almost here, is so surreal and more exciting than I could ever describe in words.

One thing that has been so incredibly fun while preparing for him, has been creating his nursery. I have been working on it for weeks and am so thankful and happy with how amazing it has turned out.
It has hands down my favorite room in the entire house.
 Rug: Ikea // Helm: TJMaxx// "Work Like a Captain" Sign: Local Shop (similar)// Tarpon Print: KScott Art

Ruler: Handmade by family// "Love you to the Moon and Back" Canvas: Gifted

 Oar: TJMaxx (similar) // Changing Table: Graco// Changing Pad & Cover: Target (similar)// Baskets: Ikea

 Anchor: Kirklands // Picture Frames: TJMaxx (similar)// Whale Print: Abodica Etsy Shop// Quote Print: MossandTwigPrints Etsy Shop

 Lantern: Ikea //Sailboat: Gifted// Captain's Bell: Local Antique Store

 Mobile: Target // Whale Blanket: Buy Buy Baby// Personalized Blanket: Kat & Stiina Etsy Shop// Pilow: Buy Buy Baby

 Baby Shoes: Sperry // Picture Frame: Kohls (similar)

Crates: projectfisher Etsy shop

 Rocker: Amazon//Swing: 4moms rockaRoo

 Baskets: Ikea//Hamper: TJmaxx (similar)

 Alright little man, not only is this room ready for you, but most importantly..we are ready for too.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Letter to My Baby

Dear Baby Hudson,

As of tomorrow we are 28 weeks down in this pregnancy with only 12 weeks to go.
I cannot believe that in 12 short weeks that you will be here in my arms, and physically apart of our lives.

Though our time together has been short thus far, it has been nothing short of amazing. I have watched my belly grow rapidly due to the growth in your height and weight, I have went from feeling flutters of your little movements to the strong and visible kicks and somersault, and I have went from thinking I know what love is to learning it is something more than I ever thought it could be. 

It's still so surreal to think that you are being created in this very moment as I have thought about you for my whole life. There was never anything I wanted more than to be a mother.  Yet now being a mother means something much more meaningful, I am not just "any" mother, I am YOUR mother. You were created to be perfectly half mine, and perfectly half your father. That is just beyond incredible, and one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.

I often think about you and the person you will become. I wonder if you will fall deeply in love with the sea and have a passion for the water like your father, I wonder if you will have a heart of gold like your late great-grandfather. I wonder if you will grow up with the strong ambition to be something you have always wanted to be, and I wonder how, not if, but how you will change this world.

No matter who you become, or what path this life decides to lead you on I want you to know a few things.

First off, this world is scary, there are things that will occur that I will never know how to explain to myself, nor you as to why they happen. Just know that we will always protect you from the bad and we will teach you to look for the good. I hope that your eyes learn to see the positive in all people and all situations. Not everyone will deserve it, but I know you will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I am sure I'll be over protective, you are our first born, the "baby". When you start to walk and you fall, when you start to run and you trip, and when you first learn to ride your bike and want to go a little bit further down the street than you should, just be patient with me.  I am not going to be as ready as you are for these things, I am not going to be as brave as you. It's not that I don't trust you, I just want to always be there to catch you when you fall.

Life is hard. Sometimes it will make you laugh, but not before it makes you cry. It will make you want to scream at the sky and make you wonder if you will make it out alive. Believe me, I've been there. Just know this one thing, life always has a plan. It doesn't give you anything that you are not strong enough to handle and the road always leads you to where you are supposed to be. No road is paved perfectly, but if you learn how to drive it correctly and enjoy the ride. You will be just fine.

There are 2 people in this world that you won't physically ever be able to meet but they are two people who will have some of the biggest impact on who you will become. Your grandfather David, and your Great Grandfather Danny. They were taken from us before you were born and went to live in lovely heaven with our amazing god. Though they are not physically here to guide you through your journey they will be apart of every step and every milestone. Not only are they such a big part of your father and I, but they will be an even bigger part of you. After all, they are a big reason of why you are many ways. Just listen for them in the quiet times, they will speak to you. I promise

Some of these are big lessons, things I don't expect you to learn for a long time to come, but things I want to began to teach you as soon as you can listen. I don't want you to take on the world too soon, but I want you to be fully ready when you do.
So, until than little handsome baby of mine. When you cry I will hold you, when you smile I will smile back, when you are hungry I will feed you, when you need to hear my voice I will sing you to sleep, when you hurt I will do everything in my power to take your pain away, and I will love you more and more every single day.

I will be on your side, always.

I Love you,


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hudson on Board; A Minneosta Nautical Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I flew to the frozen (seriously, freezing) tundra of my home state, Minnesota.
I had been looking SO forward to this trip because I knew it was going to be my last visit to home for awhile to see those I love and I also knew my sister had been putting so much work in to planning me the perfect baby shower to celebrate baby Hudson with all of my closest friends and family!

She did such an amazing job, I could have not asked for one thing to be different or more perfect. I mean who doesn't love a nautical baby shower when the outside temperature reads -35 below....did I mention it was literally freezing?
But oh, so perfect.

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