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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One Bittersweet Moment

As most of you know Hudson and I recently went to Minnesota to visit family and so of course, everyone that is near and dear to my heart could meet my handsome little boy.

There was one person that has been on my mind since the second Hudson came in to this world. This person is the person I thank everyday for bringing him in to our lives, and he is the one person that I desperately wanted Hudson to meet...but their introduction would be quite different from any other introduction he would receive on our trip, and it was an introduction that I wanted to have for the both of us to relive over and over again.

Here is one of my favorite life moments, the moment that my favorite little boy, meets one of my favorite men.
His Great Grandfather, my Grandfather.

This moment was so bittersweet for me. It was a moment that was so near to my heart and made me so happy that I was able to share it with not only my son, but my sister, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard. It is always a spear in my heart when I visit his graveside, because he was so young when he passed (58) and he could be here, living this life, and loving on this little boy with me, but God had other plans for us, and him.

I have made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would do everything in my power to make something great of myself, to make him proud of the person I have become, and to use my weakness in his death as my strength to not let his death remain in vain. I wanted to be a success and live my life with him in mind. I have recently made a new promise to myself since Hudson entered this world and that is to love him the way my Grandfather loved us, unconditionally.
I will also strive every day to teach my son to be the strong willed person he was. I want Hudson to know him through me, I want to be the prime example of the kindness he shared, the way his warm heart touched everyone he came across, to show him what hard work looks like, and how he always lived for others.

He was and will always be my life lesson, not only to myself, but more importantly Hudson.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hudson: Month 2

I should probably write Hudson's 2 month update, you know since he will be 3 months in a week!
Between our two week trip to Minnesota and everything in between we are all over the map.
So a little catch up is in order.

Hudson turned 2 months on July 4th, so an obvious patriotic monthly photo was in order!

Growth: At his 2 month appointment we weighed 13 pounds and 14 ounces! Which is exactly 5 pounds more than he weighed at birth, he was also measuring 24 inches long, which is the still in the 94th percentile for height....He is going to be taller than me before he is 5!

Eating: We are still exclusively breastfeeding, he is able to space out his feedings a little bit more as he grows and he is doing pretty well throughout the night with almost 5-6 hour spans. (Yay, sleep!) I am not producing much while pumping, but hopefully can start getting a little bit of a stash for some date nights!

Sleeping: As I stated above he is sleeping in those longer stretches, which we are very thankful for!
He will usually go down around 8-8:30pm and than he will wake up around 2 am for a feeding, and than it's about every 2 hours after that. The pediatrician is saying he should be pushing for 7 hours of sleep throughout the night, so we are going to be attempting to work on that!

Likes/Dislikes: He LOVES to be moving, at all times. He loves to prop up over our shoulders like a parrot and have us walk around the house! He also starting to like his play mat and his eyes are starting to follow objects and sounds. He is also starting to recognize faces, such as mine and Porter's. He smiles LOTS and it is my personal favorite! He also LOVES to be outside, in the hot/nasty weather... He dislikes sitting still for too long...he is a move, move, move kind of baby!

Dogs: Tally is in LOVE with him, she continues to follow him around the house and hang out with him when he is on tummy time or playing on the floor. Scout acts like nothing is new, he will sniff the baby here and there, but other than that he does not really mind him too much. They are enjoying their nightly stroller walks as a family and I think they really enjoy that there are no longer 8 hour kenneled work days!

Porter: He is amazing, he is SUCH an awesome dad, and is so comfortable with everything that involves Hudson. My heart is so full!

I: I am doing great as well. We are spending more time venturing out throughout the day and spending time outside as well. Feeling more human, and getting more comfortable with baby life (which is my favorite life!) My workout routine has been lacking, but I will be doing the 21 day fix and that will hopefully get me more comfortable with my new #mombod

He is just growing  SO big that I cannot keep up, slow down little man, I am not prepared for this to go so quick!
The many faces of Hudson!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Mom Moment Mondays!

During pregnancy I had read about 10,000 articles on raising a baby, I read all about the things you need to know, and all the things that are crucial to being comfortable with your new miracle.
Yet, I was so nervous, and the biggest question I had for myself was what in the heck am I going to do with a baby, a real life human being? How am I going to know what to do? 
It's so exciting to prepare for your child, but it's extremely nerve wracking....

However, I can truly say that the second they placed him in my arms, I didn't question anything. It was like I just knew. Though everyday is a new adventure, and you do truly learn something new every second of everyday....there were MILLIONS of things I did not know, such as....

-No matter how fast you think you can put on a diaper, being peed on can happen in a matter of 1 second.

-That a baby in a car seat crying, does not always mean he is hungry, or that he hates your Target actually means that he pooped, up his entire back, and down both of his legs.....somehow totally missing his entire diaper. (magic!)

-That even when you know your baby is completely perfect and content, you will always question if you are doing something wrong.

-That you are NOT always as prepared as you think you are....such as when a blowout happens away from home and you do not have a second change of clothes....(thank GOD it happened in a mall, with a children's clothing store nearby....)

-When your child spits up all over himself, and you give him a bath....yet the second you dry him off....he spits up all over himself, again...

-Your boobs hurt, you're tired, you have major pregnancy pounds to lose, you can barley prepare a meal, let alone eat because you only have one hand and a baby that demands to be moving, at all times...

These are REAL LIFE mom moments....things that you are never prepared for, yet they always happen. Moments that can make you laugh, and moments that will definitely make you cry.
I know the first time a few of these things happened to me I felt HORRIBLE, like I was a bad mom....but than I told myself that without these hilarious moments, raising a baby would be so much less adventurous than it actually is, and that these special moments truly shape us in to being the best moms we can be

I want to bring light to these moments, so we can all share in the mom life, and laugh about them together.
Mondays on Life:Oceanside will now be dubbed "Mom Moment Mondays" I will be sharing my own hilarious experiences and will also be looking for other fellow Mommas willing to share as well. The mom community is the best community to be apart of, it should be free from judgement, and we should all be willing to learn from each other.
So share those hilarious pictures of your screaming toddler, pictures of the bags under your eyes because your screaming baby was up ALL NIGHT or share the story of how your child covered not only themselves, but you in their diaper blowout. Even moments of those baby cuddles after a long day. We all know we love these Mom Moments the best!

I may be doing some small "mom treat" gift incentives for those who participate.
Free coffee on me anyone?
If you would like your story or advice, of any kind send me an email at
PLEASE don't feel embarrassed to share, WE all go through it, none of us are perfect, and sometimes knowing your not alone makes you feel that much better!
I know this has been a huge lesson for me to learn!

We can all learn from each other....women looking to start a family can learn from the pregnant mommas, pregnant mommas from the newborn mommas, and we can ALL learn something from the veteran Momma bears who have walked this crazy journey before.

So, what is your favorite/hilarious/embarrassing/crazy/cuddly Mom Moment?

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