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Friday, August 1, 2014

Say Yes.

There are two kinds of people in this world.
There are "No" people, people who are scared to try new things, people who are nervous to make any sort of change to their daily, monthly, even lifely routine. They stay in their comfort zone, and never leave.
They are comfortable there, as they should be.

Than, there are "Yes" people. These are the people who LOVE adventure, they crave new and exciting things, they travel the world, and HATE to stay in one place for too long.
They never say "no" as it's looked at as an impossible, and as we ALL know...NOTHING is impossible.

Growing up I was always a "No" person.
No, I do not want to meet a new friend, I have plenty of friends, and I don't need anymore.
No, I will NEVER move out of Minnesota, my whole life is here.
No, I will never get married, I like being single, and I don't want anyone messing up my plan.

No. No. NO.

Yet, one summer night while I vacationed in gorgeous Sarasota, Florida. I stared at the moon and something in my heart turned that day.
I became a "Yes" person.
I became an adventurist, and I started to crave everything "new" as I prepared to say goodbye to everything I had ever known.
I packed up my entire life in to the back of a Dodge Stratus, and said yes to a life 1600 miles away that was only beginning to exist, and it was the BEST decision I have ever made.

Where would I be if I was still that "No" person.
I would most definitely not be here, in paradise.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sailcloth Must Haves with Hayden Reis

I received this product in exchange for my full review; all opinions and LOVE for the brand are that completely of my own.

This post will CAUSE major online shopping fever, and result in FULL shopping carts at

We all know the feeling.
You know, the feeling when we fall in LOVE with a brand. 
We began to obsess, creep their websites, fill up our shopping carts daily, only to say "I'll wait until tomorrow", yet tomorrow could never come fast enough because you want to buy EVERYTHING their website offers.
aka; the feeling when you become the "obsessive, stalker girlfriend" of the brand you LOVE.
Well, that is how I feel about Hayden Reis.
Hayden Reis is a Florida based company started by a woman, Emily Stroud who wanted to add a little bit of funk and fashion to the everyday beach/tote bag.

Though their designs favor mostly nautical themes, their product is versatile and can be used for almost ANY occasion or purpose. Beach Bag, diaper bag, game day wristlet, sunscreen holder. You name it, I am sure Hayden Reis has an option for you!

Though I am currently toting the Seahorse Wristlet, you can bet your bottom dollar that my birthday list has this exact bag with my monogrammed initials embroidered perfectly at the top, and about 20 other items from their site.
All of Hayden Reis' products are made in the USA and are crafted from the highest quality sailcloth in the country. They are practically indestructible, water/sand resistant, and of course, very fashion forward. 
Head to their website now and start your "wish list". As I stated before, I am sure it will be 20 items long. You can't help but fall #TOTEallyinlove with their products!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It Takes Two

If you go back in this blog you will probably find at least 10 posts that state "I am going to get motivation" "I am going to get healthy" and blah blah blah blah blah.

Well every single one of those times I have either fallen off the wagon, or I have failed.
I will be the first to tell you that DIETS, do not work, at least not for me.

When I went on a diet for my wedding I got down to my goal weight and felt GREAT about myself, but soon after the wedding was over probably even before that week was over, I gained most of it back in food, drinks, and celebration

This is my usual scenario.
-Go on diet
-loose weight
-gain it right back
-start again.

It's a never ending cycle, and I feel it leaves me with nothing but up & down emotions, and in the end some disappointment on my part.

So last night P and I were talking and he feels the same way I do, that it's just a go around and around circle that we have been doing all wrong.
So this time, we are teaming up together, and changing the way we both live, eat, and prioritize.

We will be updating our progress weekly every Wednesday here on the blog. We will be talking about  the things we are successful with, and the things we need to work on including our weekly weigh ins.
We want to make this fun, and we really want to hold ourselves accountable, while documenting our journey as a married couple making positive changes together. Hopefully helping other couples or even single individuals looking for a change. 

Sometimes doing things on your own are just not meant to be, with us, I think it takes two.

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