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Thursday, July 24, 2014

5 Daily Must Haves

We all have that list, you know the list of things that if you don't have them available to you on your daily routine you feel naked, and sometimes not even yourself.
My list is a little materialistic,  OBVIOUSLY I cannot live without my dogs or my husband in my daily routine, but if I HAVE to spend a few days away from them, these are the other things I like to have around me to keep me feeling normal, and in "the loop"

Obviously, the first daily "must have" in my life, is my make-up bag!
I am not a HUGE makeup fanatic, but I do like to add a little pizazz to my face every morning. Who doesn't?
side note: my new fave lip color to have right now is most defiantly Revlon's "Berry Couture"

My second daily must have is my iPad, and of course my blog reading bff, Bloglovin! I think the best thing bout being a blogger, is meeting and keeping up with other bloggers. This is most definitely is needed in my daily routine. 

Florida summers, SUCCCCK, big time. The heat, the humidity, and the dry sun.... My legs would DIE if this was NOT in my daily "must have" survival kit!
I have my big bottle of Jergen's aka amazing leg "juice" that I keep next to my bed, and of course my travel paaartna, BBW's Endless Summer. The best scent, ever.

If any of you say this is not on your daily "must haves" list, I either envy the fact that you are not as obsessed with your phone as much as I am, or you're just lying.
In the world we live in to today, our phones are our life lines, and I personally LOVE mine.
Especially instagram. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
All Day. #nolife

and of course, my favorite thing to have that I feel can make most days complete (work days anyway).
A fashionable pair of shoes.
They always seem to make a day, and of course an outfit just fall right in to place.

What is in your Daily Survival Kit?
This post idea was inspired by an amazing idea called "Man Crates" and though my must have list may have geared towards the girly-er women in America, Man Crates was designed as the perfect "must have box" for the everyday man!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ain't Nobody Got Time

+Ain't Nobody got time to...sit at red lights. 
Have you ever wondered how many minutes of your life are wasted scrolling your instagram feed at a red light?
Too many.

+To purchase designer shoes at full price...
Shout-out to Goodwill for the $6.00 NEVER worn Micheal Kors flats.
You just saved my wallet approximately $78.99 as they are currently on Amazon for $84.99.

+To NOT work hard.
I got a promotion yesterday.
Isn't it crazy how getting noticed for hard work just makes you want to work THAT much harder. Ain't nobody got time to be lazy.

Honestly. We already all agree on this.

+To tease us until THURSDAY to see the full trailer for 50 Shades of Grey..
Great marketing. #saidnogirlwaitingtoseethis ever.
Anyone else dying to read the book again? 

+ To miss Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, OR  Florida Georgia Line when they come to your town
Thus why I will be attending to see ALL 3.
Because my life depends on it!

+To not drink your wine from DIY $2.00 "Redneck" glasses.
Keep it Glassy, and Keep it Country.

+To be able to do outfit posts....
Those these are my FAVORITE posts to publish, I just don't have the time.
I wish my husband left for work AFTER me. My life would be much more convenient.
Ain't nobody want to see that "after work" look. #notcute

+Outfit posts bloopers
One good picture out of 60. Story of my life.

Most importantly.
Ain't NOBODY got time to be so serious.

Life is too short. Just enjoy every, weird, exciting, lucky, and even boring second.
Oh, and don't ever use "Ain't" that many times in one post.

Monday, July 21, 2014

All Out of Good Luck

This weekend was nothing short of a hot mess.

On Thursday night, one of our dogs, Scout had one of his seizures. Unfortunately this seizure was worst than any episode he had had before. It lasted for a long period of time, was violent, and so scary.
Unfortunately I was by myself at the time and could not get him in the car and to the emergency vet, but luckily after a few minutes past he was okay.
I took the next day off work so we could visit the vet, get some answers on how to make him better, and so I could spend the day monitoring him to make sure he didn't have any more violent seizures while we were away.
The vet LUCKILY said that his seizures can be monitored with medications, which he is now on and doing VERY well. He also stated his blood work was "amazing" and that he has "puppy blood"...whatever that may mean.
Maybe 9 is the new "puppy" in dog years.

I wish that was the end of our "bad luck weekend".

On Friday night as our family crawled in to bed I seen blood on Tally's face.
When I looked closer I seen she had some how in the 2 minutes it took her to get from the couch to the bed, she had sliced her face open. As I start freaking out, as any pup mom would, P grabbed the neosporne and had it all cleaned before I could catch my breath.
LUCKILY, as in some of the only luck we had this weekend, the cut was just short of being deep enough for stitches, and it didn't seem to bug our little ball of energy one bit.

I still think that they prep me to be a parent every single day with their little shenanigans.

Well, They say bad things comes in 3's right....
That might explain why on Saturday night at about 5 pm I found myself in Urgent Care with a swollen throat and a fever, only to be diagnosed with Strep Throat.

So...from that point on I only left the house for one reason for the rest of the weekend.
Cheesecake, the only valid cure for Strep Throat, obviously.

Our whole family is doing good and we are all on our way to healthy.
Porter was the only one who made it through the weekend without a bump in the road....for now.

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