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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bouq Yourself!

I am a flowers girl....I mean my love language is "gifts", my favorite of gifts usually being the receipt of gorgeous flowers, not just from P but even when my dad sends me a huge bouquet on my birthday or when I get a little delivery from a friend to just say "I miss you!". Fresh cut flowers brighten up my life, my office, and my home.

I  have also been in the position that I wanted to send flowers to my mom before but seeing as she lives 1600 miles away I am always nervous as to if I am going to call the right florist, if the flowers will actually be as nice as they describe them to me over the phone, and most important if I know they will arrive to her on time. It's almost overwhelming, and I usually just send her a nice card instead.

When I was contacted by The Bouqs Company and asked to try out their services I was ALL for it as I stated above, I love me some gorgeous flowers, BUT I was quite nervous as they ship their flowers through the mail...would the flowers actually be fresh when they arrived?
I decided to try something new and accept the offer, and from the second I entered their website the gorgeous colors of their bouquets hit me right in the face and I fell madly in love! Their vibrant colors of their roses is that of the rainbow, their options of sizes of bouquet is customizable, and the variety of flowers to choose from is almost overwhelming (but in the best way!!)

My favorite part of the flowers is they are environmentally friendly.... they use responsible farming and compile your bouquet with fresh cut flowers!
I mean, they don't even cut the flowers until you place the order...
Can it get any more fresh?

The delivery of my flowers was fast, and convenient. I placed my order for the set date I wanted them delivered to my house and they arrived almost to the hour I requested, AND I could track my order the entire way. Convenience and assurance

I fell in love with online flowers after the order, even though I ordered them for myself, they way they packaged my flowers, and included a super nice note it felt like a special little perk to my day.

So next time you want to send a little "hey" to a friend, a little "I love you to your hubby/wife" or even a little "I appreciate you" to your momma, "Bouq" them.
I promise they won't be disappointed, and neither will you!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hiiiiiii blog world.
You are looking quite fine on this Thursday morning!

A mini "bump date" is in I've been absent, well.....this entire pregnancy so far.

I am 16 weeks, feeling good but still struggling with morning/afternoon/night sickness!

Baby is great, healthy, and measuring perfectly!

We have a gender prediction from our ultrasound tech, but it won't be confirmed for another 3 weeks.
P wants a boy, I don't have a preference, but am overlwhelmingly excited to find out!

I am super weirded out that I am growing this beautiful thing inside of me, but I have NO idea what he/she might be.

I am about 90% sure since baby can now hear, that after it's arrival it will be calmed by the song "Blank Space" by T-Swift as I've been playing it non-stop for about 5 days straight....(Sorry for the bad singing voice sweet baby, I promise it will sound less squeaky when I sing you quiet sweet lullabies)

I am gaining weight like mad. I am trying to eat healthy, walk long walks at night, and hopefully start making it to the gym. Doctor said it could be due to a "big baby". I am sure my 6'5'', 270 pound husband has a little something to do with that....(thanks P!)

My weirdest adjustment to this pregnancy is the change on my personality and I honestly do not know how to explain it. Maybe those of you who have been pregnant can relate, or even those of you who have just gone through a major life change like being married, buying a house, graduating college can understand something like this as well...

My priorities, the way I live my life, the things I love, the things I hated, they have all completely changed.
I used to LOVE shopping (don't get me wrong, I LOVE shopping) but spending money is not enjoyable to me anymore, and spending money on myself seems selfish. Saving for this baby has become my main priority and obsession in my life. I even cut out Starbucks...completely.
I love my White Chocolate Mocha(s), but spending $5.00 on a drink sounds like the stupidest thing I could ever do. Which sounds crazy in itself!
I have never been able to cook in my life, and I have made homemade dinners like every night for the past 2 months. #momstatus

I've liked (most of) this change a lot, I feel like I truly have this overwhelming purpose in life and that is to be a mother to this amazing blessing. I feel like every move I make is important to my baby's well-being, not in an over-obsessive, hovering mother kind of way...but that I want to make the best decisions I can and be as prepared for this little love as I can possibly be.

My writing has really taken a back seat to this pregnancy and it is the one thing I miss the most about the "old" me. I really found a true passion in this blog, sharing my life, making friends, and just being openly honest and candid every day I came here, and I feel like I have lost that.

So here is to finding it again.

Dear Little Baby,
Can I have a little bit of my creativity back?
Pretty Pretty Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

Also, please tell me I am NOT alone in this "transformation"...has something big in your life totally changed the person you were/are?

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Happiest Reason To Feel Like Crap

So I am convinced of 3 things so far in this pregnancy....

First, my baby is going to have one heck of a complexion, because it has stolen all of my acne free skin and replaced it with the skin of a 13 year old pubescent teenage boy.

Second, my child is probably going to come out with a six pack as I am 90% sure it is running marathons in my uterus all day long because by the time 2:30 pm hits, I have absolutely NO energy left.
My bed time has drastically declined from a 10:30-11:00pm-ish setting to about 7:00 pm, if I am lucky.
My DVR is filled with unwatched prime time favorites of mine as I cannot stay awake long enough after work to watch nor catch up on them.

and lastly this sweet baby of mine is going to be one heck of a creative being as it has now inherited every single ounce of creativity that lives within my body.
Thus the reason this blog has almost been condemned due to non occupancy lately.

I honestly love this little being with all of my heart and soul, but pregnancy is rough.
I am sick, and when I am not sick, I am tired, and when I am not tired, I am resting from being sick and tired.
 The closer I get to my second trimester the more I feel myself, which I am very excited about.
I think the thing I miss the most is this space and being able to come here every day and share my feelings. I miss the daily community and keeping up with all of my favorite friends. Sometimes I go days without even checking my instagram, which feels like I have fallen in to a dark hole. I truly do miss all of you, and really miss catching up on all the wonderful things going on in your lives.

I have spent the last few days debating if I even wanted to come back to the blog,  I wasn't sure if anyone would want to read now that I am pregnant, as that is what most of my content is now going to surround. I realized that I am sorry but I am not sorry to say that this will be a blog about building a family, learning to become a mommy, and of course our beautiful miracle.
Through my blogging I have focused on fashion, marriage, and thousands of other topics but now it is one big exciting topic and I really was worried how people would react to reading on a repetitive subject. Than I truly realized that those that I would want to read this blog will stay around, and those that decide to move on I am okay with that too.
This is who I am now, and I am going to share every exciting moment. So one day my child can look back at how exciting we were for their arrival and from every moment on after they enter our world.

We'll see if this creative, active, and beautiful baby allows me to return on Monday, until than I am going to try my damnedest to catch up on all your beautiful faces because as I have stated about 5 times in this post I miss the heck out of all of you!

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