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Hello, It's Me.

It's no secret that on this blog over the past year I have become quite distant at times, sometimes it may almost resemble a ghost town around here, but lately I have been working at really trying to reboot this blog, and really relight the fire the blogging fire that once burned strong.

My question is, who is with me?

Are you a new reader that maybe discovered the blog through Instagram?
Are you an old friend that has been reading since I started this journey about 4 years ago?
Are you just here to stop by and say "Hi"? Are you liking what you see (even though there is not too much to see quite yet)?

My main question is not just who is visiting, but how I can get to know you better!
Being a blogger (to me) is not just about sharing content that excites you, it's about connecting with your readers and knowing who they are. Some of my favorite people in this world are bloggers that I have never met but I converse with them daily and they have just become an important piece of my life.
Blogging has opened a lot of doors for me and I am not just talking about sponsorships and business relationships....I am more referring to the friendships I have built that will in my mind hopefully last a lifetime.
It's kind of exciting to know that I have this little friends all over the United States and some day when I make it to their neck of the woods or they make it to mine that we can meet up for a real "live" coffee date and put a face to the story we have been following for so long!

So who are you?
I would love for you to leave any social media account below in the comment section that you wish, I will be visiting all of them to get to know you, I promise.
I also would love for you to leave your blog link if you are a writer yourself.
Daily blogging isn't complete without daily blog reading.

So, if you are here, thank you.
Whether you have been around for 5 seconds or 5 years, it's nice to have you!

He's One in a Melon

Summertime is upon us hardcore in Florida aka It's HOT as ever.
Our awesome photographer, Amanda, from Amanda Sobojinski Photography captured our little perfect man with this adorable summer watermelon themed shoot.

Oh, and can we talk about how my 14 month old looks like a tiny little man already? The rate of his growth is more than this Mama can take.

Shop Small Selections: StaticGrey

If  I could shop small tiny shops that are filled with handmade items made by big dreaming, hard working business owners...I totally would.
I am not a "big box" store kind of person. (besides Target, of course)
I love exploring my city and finding all the little hidden gems that are owned by a mom and pop, husband and wife, single hard working mamas, and big dreaming daddies trying to bring home the bacon to feed their families by following their dreams.

This blog of mine is a place to share my heart, but I also like to utilize it as a good platform to share some of my favorite little handmade shops and their awesome stories of success.

Today I am honored to share the amazing shop of StaticGrey.

StaticGrey is a shop based out of Michigan that is owned and operated by a husband and wife, Josh and Jesse Rogers.
The idea of their adorable shop and all of their designs is inspired by their adorable son. They make every item by hand in the comfort of their own home which allows them to follow their hearts, their dreams, and their passions all while loving up on their adorable babes all day long.
Talk about #dreamgoals!

We favor a few of their designs, two of our favorites being "Mama Loves Target"

StaticGrey and I are teaming up over on Instagram to give YOU the chance to win a free t-shirt design of your choice! You can head over to StaticGrey's Instagram for all the directions on how to win!  Also, you can use code "HALLIE" to get 20% off your order!