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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hudson's Handmade: Save the Animals

 ** Hudson's Handmade is done voluntarily by myself to support and share small businesses we love. We were in no way compensated for this post, nor we were given any item for free. We just truly truly love this business and what they do!**

Our house is full of two things baby giggles and dog hair...

10 years ago, I rescued this tiny little black puppy from the humane society. He was in this HUGE cage, all alone, by himself with only a little pile of feces beside him. It was seriously the saddest dog I had ever seen. I never intended on getting him that day, but something inside of me just couldn't leave without him.

Here we are, and he is still the big love in my life, and I love him even more from how he loves Hudson.
He had 9 years on this earth with me, and he was MY baby. Endless cuddles, long walks, and Saturday trips to the dog park. Things have drastically changed for him and he isn't the center of our world anymore, however he loves Hudson unconditionally and doesn't seem to think any less of me for bringing a baby in to his house.

I can tell he is starting to get old and it makes me sad to even THINK about our lives without him.
He has greeted me every time I have entered my house for 10 years, and to think that one day I won't have his wet nose at my feet or his big paws prompting my hand to rub his belly is devastating, but I am praying we have A LOT of years left.

We did want to give a little shout out today to Tiny Tykes Tees for designing a shirt for us animal lovers and for spreading awareness on how truly important it is to save the animals! They have a large selection of other amazing and inspirational designs, including the ones pictured below!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Let Them Be Little

In one week,  I officially have a 9 month old.
9 months...

Where has the time gone?
I remember holding him for the first time like it was yesterday and now he is sitting up by his own, he has not quite  grasped the full concept of crawling forward but can some how get around our house by rolling and crawling backwards as well as circles. There are now 2 teeth where his gummy smile used to be with many more teeth slowly working their way in. There is a house full of laughter, giggles, squeals and continuous use of the word "Da-DA" every 5 seconds. (Mama was the first word, but now seems nonexistent  ;)

My life is forever changed, and I honestly don't remember what it was like without him in our world or what our purpose truly was before he arrived in it, but time is going by too quickly.
I look at pictures of this beautiful tiny baby from the day we took him home almost 9 months ago, he was lost in this HUGE infant car seat and I was TERRIFIED to have to place him in a big scary car and was so worried about getting him home safely. Now, I stare at this little BOY who has now outgrown that same infant car seat and is in his new big convertible car seat, and I honestly shed a few little tears.

They are not tears of sadness because he is growing up so quickly to be such this amazing little human, nor are they tears of joy, because I feel everyday I am loosing a little more of my baby and gaining a little more of a boy .
They are not tears of remorse, because I miss how little he used to be, and they are not tears of happiness because of new beginnings.
They are actually just a little bit of it all. I love him with my WHOLE heart and as I stare at him change every day, every emotion just runs through me, and YES sometimes I cry, because it's all so dang beautiful. #crazyhormones

As a mom/parent, you just want them to stay this little, but than you also have this overwhelming excitement for them to continue to explore this beautiful world and you just know that they will do these amazing things one day.
I believe it is a mom's worst struggle, but her most beautiful adventure.

My advice to new moms is not the simple "It goes too fast"  because it truly does, and you will figure that out yourself in the first 2 weeks of his/her life. My advice is to don't worry if your house is a never ending cycle of disaster, don't worry that the dogs might be 3 months behind on their baths, don't worry that YOU smell like baby spit up and have poop on your clothes...
Just be.
Let them cuddle you, let them fall asleep on you, let them be little.
Because honestly, I cannot even begin to explain to you how soon that phase will end before another beautiful phase soon begins.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Diaper Delimma

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Acorn Influence and it's advertiser, yet all opinions are my own #myhuggiesbaby #baby

When I was pregnant with Hudson I never even thought about what kind of diapers I was going to use when he was born. I knew that cloth diapering just personally was not the right choice for our family, but as for types of disposable diapers, I honestly did not even give it a second thought. I thought maybe I would use whatever was on sale, or just use up the 3 diaper cakes we were gifted throughout our different showers and go from there.

When Hudson was born the hospital provided us with their choice brand of diapers, and they worked quite well, when we left the hospital we continued to use them, just because it was familiar and it was what we knew. I feel like as a new mom "familiar" is comfortable, because everything around you is new and scary as it is, so when I knew something worked, I did't want to enter a new change, I wanted to keep keeping on with what was known.

As Hudson started to grow more and more I felt as if our choice of diapers may need a little evaluation, Hudson was soaking through his diaper a couple nights a week in his sleep and his blowouts were causing 2-3 wardrobe changes a day, even after trying a size up in our current diaper choice, our problems were better, but not fixed so I opted to crawl out of mt "Mom Box" aka my comfort zone, and I tried another well known brand, which I immediately hated...I felt the material was cheap, and it just looked uncomfortable for my child. After 2 diapers out of a large box of 100, we were back to diaper choice #1....

I started noticing and asking what kinds of brands of diapers my friends were using with their kids to try and gain a perspective on another brand that is loved and trusted that we could hopefully try. I noticed that Huggies was a big choice in most of my friends. I questioned what they loved about them and their pros were the answer to may diaper journey prayers. They had no leaking troubles, and they were comfortable and their dry liner protection material was much more comfortable than other big box comparable brands.

We decided to give Huggies a shot...I buy all my diapers and other baby items at Sam's Club because their prices honestly cannot be beat and their Sam's Club pick up option has made my life easier in a million and one ways, and we cannot forget the power of bulk buying, especially in diapers! However deciding to buy in bulk with a new brand was nerve wracking....what if I didn't like them as much as I didn't like choice 1 and choice 2? What if they didn't work out for us? These are all questions I ask myself in the aisle of Sam's Club trying to decide the best choice for us once again, #momanxiety. However, I kept telling myself how trusted Huggies was by my best mom friends, and I decided to take the plunge.

This is where our diaper story finally found it's happy ending. I love Huggies Little Movers, just the construction of their diapers is exactly what we were looking for. It has an elastic waistband in the back for not only for the comfort of baby but it also holds in those messes that we were having trouble containing before. Their 12 hour leak lock protection is perfect for a baby who sleeps through the night, I don't have any more 2 am wake up calls that require a sponge bath and change of clothes because their diapers keep him clean and comfortable all night long.

The moral of this diaper story is that being a new mom is scary, change is scary, but sometimes if we trust in those we adore most such as our friends, our sisters, even our own mothers we can find the best advice, the best guidance, never ending support, and you may even find your own perfect diaper match.

Mom Sisterhood for the win!

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