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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dressing for Two: Drenched in Target

 I am sure most of us could answer this question, but where would we really be in our lives if Target did not exist?
Well first, we would not really understand the term "heaven on earth" and we would all more than likely have much larger bank accounts...

During these last 27 weeks of this pregnancy, I have literally cried over the fact that there are NO cute maternity clothes. They are either shapeless and bulky or colorless and dingy. I have luckily made it this far by being able to still rock some of my pre-baby fashions, but I've also relied on having to just size up in the regular sections. As we approach the final countdown, I am getting quite big to where this is not going to be an option for me any longer. (cue the tears)

A few weeks ago I spent an ENTIRE day searching for the perfect dress for my baby shower...and after visiting every specialty store from Anthropolgie to Victoria Secret, there was only one place I could find ANYTHING. Target.

I have not been able to find baby belly fashions like I have been at Target, from their insanely comfy yoga pants to their adorable skinny jeans, I have been able to express myself through my passion for fashion even with the few extra 20 pounds in my midsection.

One of my favorite outfits actually includes two Target items that I found in the Juniors section. Nothing makes you feel sexier while being as round as a pumpkin than still being able to buy from the Junior section. #winning

Between this vest, little black dress, and super comfy leggings, my little round self is not only overly comfortable but I still feel like I can still able to keep up with the Jones' of the fashion world.

Seriously, who isn't the happiest person in the world while shopping at Target?
Besides my husband, he is up for debate.

Where is/was your favorite place to shop during your "bump" months?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How #KimmelOnTheBachelor is just like being pregnant....

For those of you who don't know the reason for my absence lately I am chalking it up to the 24/7 job of creating human life, which if any of you have experienced it, than you truly understand that it is a never ending, full time, literal job.In the past 26 weeks I have learned quite a lot. Some of which I have enjoyed tremendously, some of which I have literally wanted to rip every single hair out of my head.

After sitting on my couch last night drooling over Chris, thee most gorgeous bachelor in ABC history, I realized that last night's episode was seriously a mini-documentary of the last 26 weeks of this pregnancy, and for those of you who watched last night's is why....

+This little bundle of joy is half of two of my favorite things; P & of course, myself. #conceded
As was last night's episode, a combination of The Bachelor and Jimmy Kimmel is literally perfection. Congratulations ABC marketing staff, you just won yourself an Emmy for "best episode in history of the world's most dramatic dating show"

+Date nights before baby usually involved drinks at the bar or dressing up in our best to go to fancy dinners...but since this kid has set up shop in my uterus, I can only fit in to so many of my dresses...I mean even my t-shirts fit like Kaitlyn's infamous white crop top.
So a "fancy" date night has turned in to hot dogs and a soft drink at Costco, which I thought was genius date idea. Good Planning Jimmy.

+Jimmy Kimmel is like the baby belly on a hot date. You try your best to look all hot and attractive for your hubby in a tight dress and high heels. Yet the dress is pressing tightly against the babes who is already pressing on your bladder and your waddle makes it REALLY hard to walk in those 3 inch heels...Jimmy's magic words on Kaitlyn and Chris's date "I specialize in making people feel uncomfortable" should be this growing miracle's motto as well. #kimmelonbachelor

+The term "hoe down throw down" is literally the descriptive term for getting pregnant dressed everyday. One word, struggle.

+Being pregnant is like drinking goat's milk every morning for 8 weeks straight...nauseating.

+  "Spontaneous crashing"  is done in this house too; and by "crashing", I mean sleeping.

+All these girls are fighting for Chris's time before the rose ceremony, yet here I am over here trying to find a second to breathe with this child pushing it's weight on my diaphragm, before I pass out.

+Last but not least, what is one thing any of those girls want more than anything? A rose, obviously.
This momma just wants to drown herself in a Ben and Jerry's pint before falling in to a deep, non-tossing and turning sleep coma...

All jokes aside, being pregnant is amazing. His kicks are the sweetest (most craziest) thing I have ever experienced and I cannot wait to kiss his handsome cheeks. Hopefully he is a cuter crier than Ms. KardAshley I....

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bouq Yourself!

I am a flowers girl....I mean my love language is "gifts", my favorite of gifts usually being the receipt of gorgeous flowers, not just from P but even when my dad sends me a huge bouquet on my birthday or when I get a little delivery from a friend to just say "I miss you!". Fresh cut flowers brighten up my life, my office, and my home.

I  have also been in the position that I wanted to send flowers to my mom before but seeing as she lives 1600 miles away I am always nervous as to if I am going to call the right florist, if the flowers will actually be as nice as they describe them to me over the phone, and most important if I know they will arrive to her on time. It's almost overwhelming, and I usually just send her a nice card instead.

When I was contacted by The Bouqs Company and asked to try out their services I was ALL for it as I stated above, I love me some gorgeous flowers, BUT I was quite nervous as they ship their flowers through the mail...would the flowers actually be fresh when they arrived?
I decided to try something new and accept the offer, and from the second I entered their website the gorgeous colors of their bouquets hit me right in the face and I fell madly in love! Their vibrant colors of their roses is that of the rainbow, their options of sizes of bouquet is customizable, and the variety of flowers to choose from is almost overwhelming (but in the best way!!)

My favorite part of the flowers is they are environmentally friendly.... they use responsible farming and compile your bouquet with fresh cut flowers!
I mean, they don't even cut the flowers until you place the order...
Can it get any more fresh?

The delivery of my flowers was fast, and convenient. I placed my order for the set date I wanted them delivered to my house and they arrived almost to the hour I requested, AND I could track my order the entire way. Convenience and assurance

I fell in love with online flowers after the order, even though I ordered them for myself, they way they packaged my flowers, and included a super nice note it felt like a special little perk to my day.

So next time you want to send a little "hey" to a friend, a little "I love you to your hubby/wife" or even a little "I appreciate you" to your momma, "Bouq" them.
I promise they won't be disappointed, and neither will you!

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