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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do You Beleive in Guardian Angels?

I have had countless times in my life where I truly believe there is definitely someone watching over me. Wither it happen to be a real person, or a "higher spirit".
Yesterday was one of those times where I felt extremely comforted and that someone was by my side, but more importantly someone was with Porter.
Porter and I were supposed to meet for dinner at 5:30 at one of our favorite restaurants, Sonny's.
I was waiting and waiting and he hadn't shown up yet.
My phone began ringing and it was a number I did not recognize, so I just let it to go to voicemail.
A voicemail that I never want to hear ever again.
"Hi Hallie, This is so and so from Coast Cadillac, Your fiance has been in a bad accident, he will probably be taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Call me if you have any questions."
My heart literally stopped, and my body began to shake uncontrollably.
I had an immediate flash back of two years earlier with his bad accident, and that was a place I NEVER wanted to revisit with him or anyone ever again.
I called back the kind gentleman who had called to inform me of the accident, I was a flustered mess, I could barley talk. He assured me that he is talking, moving, and is doing okay.
I took a deep breath.
He was talking, moving and most importantly breathing.
The only thing on my mind was just getting to him.
I flew in and out of traffic going way faster than I should have, trying my best not to get in an accident myself.
I realized I made it when I came up to two fire trucks, a couple cop cars, an ambulance and a lot of cops.
I found the first cop I could and asked him to get me across the street to Porter he assured me.
"Ma am he is okay, just try to calm down"
Calm down?
Okay officer, let me just do that right now....
right after I hit you for making such a stupid comment.
I finally got across the street and see him
He was bruised, banged up, and hurting, but he was okay.
I just wanted to squeeze the bajeezus out of him!
This was the aftermath of the crash.
Some guy tried to cross 6 lanes of traffic, Porter and his car happened to be in the path of his stupid decision. Porter than drifted across 3 lanes of oncoming traffic and was not touched by anyone.
Angles people, they definitely exist.
We headed to the emergency room and he had some slight chest pain, scrapes, bruises, air bag burns, and xrays proved a broken hand, but most importantly he had a smile!
He was wrapped up, prescribed some pain medication and we headed home.
This morning he is hurting alot more, and in a decent amount of pain.
I am trying my best to take care of him and keep him comfortable.
Tally is too, by kissing his boo-boo's
We are extremely lucky, and blessed.
We believe in miracles, and guardian angels.
and all those things were proven to exist yesterday.
Hug your loved ones, and hold them tight.
Life can change in an instant.


  1. I totally believe in angels send by God and although I am sorry to hear what happened I am much more happy and thankful to hear that Porter is o.k.

    I can't imagine what you went through and hopefully this is just a nightmare that won't repeat itself.

    Take care of Porter and yourself, sending good vibes and healing prayers his way!!!

  2. Wow. I can only imagine your emotions after listening to that voicemail. So glad he is okay. Hope is pain heals...hopefully in a few days it will subside. Happy Tally is trying to make him feel better! He is lucky to have you guys to nurse him!

  3. I am so glad Porter's okay! I can't imagine getting that voicemail. It sounds like he was definitely protected. I hope he gets better soon!

  4. So glad to hear that everything is okay. It's always comforting to know we've got others watching out for us. Wishing you and Porter the best as he recovers!


  5. Oh scary for you both!! I am SO happy Porter is okay. Sending good thoughts and virtual hugs your way!

  6. I am so happy to hear he is doing well after that picture of his car. That is crazy. Hope he feels better soon! :)

  7. Wow... what a horrifying thing to have happen! Those angels do exist and thank goodness they were there. I hope he heals quickly! Thoughts and prayers your way!

  8. Thank God for miracles! I am so glad to hear everything is ok with your family!


  9. I definitely believe in guardian angels and a God who sends them when needed! I am glad your fiance is okay!!! That car on the other hand...perhaps could have used its own angel. ;)

  10. Ohmygod girl! I am so sorry to hear but happy he is okay. Wow. He most definitely had a guardian angel on his shoulder.

  11. WOW! What a miracle! I can't even imagine the feeling of your heart sinking when you got that voicemail!! I am so glad he is okay! I truly believe in guardian angels!!

  12. UGh accidents are so scary! Glad he is ok. What a terrifying voice mail to get.

  13. OMG I hate car wrecks! So glad he's ok!! Prayers & hugs to you guys!

  14. oh my goodness!!!! how scary. and yes I totally believe in guardian angels. I am so glad nothing worse happened!!

  15. Oh my gosh! So glad that everything was ok.

  16. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine how scared you must have been! I am so happy that he is mostly okay! He definitely had a guardian angel with him! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  17. Wow, I am so glad he was okay! And so sorry you both had to go through that.. Sending hugs your way!

  18. That's a phone message I would not ever want to get! I am so thankful the outcome was not worse and that you have your man safely at home.

  19. Hugs and kisses for you and P! Hopefully we can still see you Saturday!

  20. OMG. I am so glad Porter is okay. How horribly scary. :(

    I've lost three students to car crashes in two years. They're avoidable, hence why they're called "accidents."

    I hope you nail that asshole that hit him.


  21. oh my gosh how scary!! thank goodness he is alright and isn't more seriously hurt!!!

  22. what a scary experience but so glad that he is okay! it is truly amazing when we are given signs like this that angels are watching over us :)

    xo Britta

  23. So glad he is ok. I definitely believe God is in control of everything.

  24. So glad that he is okay! :) Those guardian angels sure are something, aren't they?? ;) Lucky to have some on our side, too! Take care!

  25. So glad he is okay!! Love knowing that we are being watched over!

  26. I'm so glad he's okay. I'm sure his angel and yours were on watch that day. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  27. Oh I'm SO glad he's ok!! I can't even imagine how hard that must have been but guardian angels were definitely on duty.

  28. Wow! That is amazing. God is good.
    So glad he is alright :)

  29. Oh my goodness! Fighting back tears! So happy he's OK!

  30. Wow! I'm glad the Lord kept your husband safe!!

  31. Considering that he was in a rougher accident just a few years ago, I can understand why you reacted the way you did. I think that despite your fear, you handled things well. Porter is definitely lucky to be alive and to have such a caring angel for a fiancée. Did you ever find out what happened to the other driver? Was he taken to court?

    Amy Baron


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