Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's Ketchup

Monday Mutha' Truckin' Funday Y'all.

Pardon my over joyous attitude, this is the week...the week I have been counting down the days to for over three years. My long overdue trip to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with my family.
I know you all have had it to high heaven with me consistently talking abut this obsession I have had over my upcoming trip, but I have not been this excited ever.. except maybe for my wedding day, but this closely follows in 2nd place.

I know I have been hella absent from my blog in the past few weeks but life handed me a crap ton of mess that I just had to deal with, and left NO personal time for my blog nor even my instagram, facebook, or any thing else with the word "social" in front of it.
I know how boring it is to go to a blog day in and day out and see nothing but product/shop reviews and no personal updates and for that I am truly sorry, that is never what I intended Life:Oceanside to be, and I promise from here on out it will be just as much if not more personal than it is business around these here stompin' grounds.

I do have one quick announcement. Again I am sure you are probably like "umm..we know this" but I really just want to disclaimer the crap out of this because I do not want y'all to give up on me and think I have went Amanda Bynes from the blog world.
Starting Thursday morning there will be a disclaimer up on dis here blog. This is for the purpose of giving new visitors (and maybe some of my veteran bffs) something to catch up on while I am gone. It will state that I am currently on vacation from my blog and that I will be returning on January 1st. blah blah blah. Please please do not forget about me when I abandon my blog baby for two weeks. I would love for y'all to follow me on Instagram as I post a bajillion pictures of my baby sister and my dog experiencing snow for the first time. (of course)

January around here is going to be a little different, I am going to be introducing some new sponsorship options (all sponsorships are FREE right now using code: GROWTOGETHER), I am going to be putting much more focus into my content. Including the reviews/shops I choose to work with, and as I stated before putting my passion back in to the personal posts where I can relate with & to my readers, I mean that is what started this little venture to begin with and I have seem to lost a bit of site of that. 
I have been working on these updates for quite sometime and am very excited for the new ventures the year has for me (and for all of YOU). I won't have some exciting, gorgeous new design, so please don't be bothered by this dusty little teal and white you find around here. I have become QUITE fond of my design. Thank you Lisette:)

Anyway, I'll cut my novel of a post short, I am off to catch up on my 810 unread Bloglovin' post.

Happy Monday y'all. Here is to new ventures! 


  1. So excited for you to get home to your family!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

    OH and for you to visit me in GEORGIA soon! Loves you :)

  2. Have such a wonderful time visiting with your family!! Nothing better over the Christmas season :)

  3. Omg girl, you are fabulous. Your readers aren't going anywhere! ;-) Have a BLAST!! I cannot wait to stalk every single picture. =)

  4. Have fun at home and we'll be here waiting for you in January :)

  5. Have so much fun at home! We'll be here when you get back!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  6. oh it is exciting!! you are allowed to talk about it :) it's your blog!

  7. Yay, you're back! Looking forward to seeing what you've got in the New Year! Happy Holiday's, friend:)

  8. Have SO much fun with your family!!! :)

  9. I hope you have the best trip ever pretty lady! We will NEVER forget you! I expect lots of baby sister updates as often as possible! woohoo!

  10. Have so much fun sweet girl!! I am so excited for you and we will all be here when you get back in 2014! Happy Holidays!! xoxo


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