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Monday, April 14, 2014

Bring Back The Good Times

I know it's Monday, and I should have this awesome post of all the things I did over the weekend... but honestly I took no pictures. Which in turn makes a weekend post pretty much pointless and almost as if it didn't happen if there are no visuals to prove it.
Such as gym posts, and Starbucks stops.
It's just the unwritten social media rules.

One thing I was surrounded by this weekend was throwbacks..
Starting with turning on I Still Know What You Did Last Summer on Starz and proceeded to drool over Freddie Prinze Jr. just like I did when I was 8 years old...
which made me realize.

I really miss the way things used to be. Now a days things are just ain't how they used to be, and even though the 90's is only back about 15 years, it feels like the world has done and gone all about it.
So I am doing a little throwback & a mini bring back the good stuff.

Let's start with the eats... honestly. Vanilla crackers & frosting. Why this is not a thing anymore is beyond me. I used to eat these things by the case box. Now I have to resort to dipping my Nilla wafers in to a whole tub of frosting, and holding myself back from not eating the entire thing. Please bring back the lunch time snack portions. The day these mouth watering flavor blasts make an appearance in my pantry, is the day I will live the happiest of lives.

TV Dinners- They don't make them like they used to. Those scrumptious "Kids Cusine" filled with sweet corn falling in to your magical chocolate-pudding-turned-brownie, and the soggiest/most delicious chicken nuggets a kid could want.

Where have the all the good times gone? Now we are in the days of the damn Waffle Taco.

The Cinemas....

I feel like the 90's was the only decade who mastered the high school dramas. She's All That, Bring it On, Clueless, and of course 10 Things About You (AKA the film that started my overwhelming love affair for Health Ledger)

Now we are making movies about floating in space, men having love affairs with their iphones, and  ugly things called "Hobbits".
The only thing I'll give the 21st Century is they still feature Leo and they blessed us with Matthew McConaughey #pretendhusband

If you turn on the TV in the 90s....

You'd see Amanda Bynes (acting just as she does today) being crazy on "The Amanda Show", Nickoloden Shows where all we EVER wanted to do was to be covered in slime, Boy Meets World, and obviously Jonathan Taylor Thomas...

Did we ever think that at the age of 23 or 27 we would be binge watching lesbian prison comedies on Netflix.....

Though I wish dating was as easy as Dream Phone, when the coolest thing to do on the computer was figure out Where in the World that Damn Carmen was, and "statement" earrings meant sticking glittery stars on your lobes...
2014 is pretty cool, just never as cool as frosted tips. Right, Justin?



  1. I still buy a Kid Cuisine every now and then. Don't judge me...

  2. Hahaha!! "Deeaar Ashley.... Thaaaaaaaat's meee!" And PS... now I want a dunkaroo. How I miss those things!!!!

  3. Omg dunkaroos!! I miss everything you mentioned! However, I was a little stunned when I read that the 90s was about 15 years ago...I feel so old now!!!

  4. Wow... I feel like I am getting so old reading this post!! I do miss the days of dunkaroos and things like that! Also, I still own Dream Phone... it is under my bed at my parents house... perhaps one of these days it will make it to my new home and I will make all my girlfriends come over for a girls night and we will play it for hours like I used to when I was younger

  5. I'm mentally still living in the 90s. Seriously, things were just so much better back then. If I could keep some modern technology {especially non dial up internet} and bring back everything else that made the 90s magical, I'd be the happiest girl in the whole world.

  6. I LOVE this! haha! Let's please bring back all of the above!!! Plus...the music. Best. Decade. Ever. haha!

  7. Oh man I will sign this petition, the closest thing we are getting to boy meets world is the new spinoff girl meets world, which actually looks good so yes I will be tuning into the Disney channel to watch :)!

  8. I'm in love with that ecard.. like hello Justin, you are supposed to be married to me! haha!

    - Rebekah @ Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles

  9. Ok MASH? I completely forgot about that game and now I totally want to play... And ugh those were the best of tunes! 90210.. My life.

  10. Oh myyyy gosh. I LOVED dunkaroos and tv dinners. I buy an occasional hungry man... don't judge haha

  11. I loved loved loved Dunkaroos and Kid Cuisines!!!! My favorite w. Mall Madness!!!

  12. I love SO much about this post! Kids Cuisine was the bomb diggity, and ongoing debates about who is better- Backstreet Boys or N*Sync


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