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Thursday, April 17, 2014

We Live In The Hearts Of Those We Leave Behind

You guys.

Between Tuesdays post, and your sweet words on my hard day yesterday.
I could never thank any of you for the overwhelming love and support you fill me with everyday.
I am so lucky to have you all in my life, even if it's through a computer screen, an instagram photo, or a tweet.
Having the thought of having all of you there and supporting me in my good days, and bad days is something that is so calming.
I am so so so thankful.

As most of you know, yesterday was my grandfather's (would have been) birthday. It's one of the few days per year where I am reminded that he is no longer with me, nor the rest of my family.
but in the past 5 years that he has been gone, these days come on easier. Memories turn from tears to smiles, and though I miss him more than I could ever describe in words, I am content with the legacy he left behind, and the guidance he has installed in me.

Some days it's so hard to fathom that I have went 5 years without seeing his face, or how I can go for the next 55 years without even being able to say "Hi gramps" but than I remember that even though it's hard to swallow that I don't have all that time with him, I DID have 18 wonderful years with him by my side, and for that I will be forever thankful for.

Though he is gone I can feel him so much in certain situations. When I ask for an answer he always seems to show me the way, when I tell him I miss him and just need to know he's there, he always finds a way to say "hi".  It's amazing how life, faith, and just believing that there is an amazing afterlife for our family members to go and spend eternity and wait for us to join them is so refreshing. I am happy he is happy, and he is proven that to me in small ways many of times.

The best part of my day yesterday was that my Gramps once again was the selfless man I knew and sent me some awesome news last night to celebrate HIS day! I can't share it now, and it will be a lot of work, but I have some great things coming, and an awesome opportunity coming my way.

courtesy of AKA photographs

Thanks Gramps, and Happy Birthday.
Heaven is a lucky lucky place. 


  1. I feel your pain Hallie. Kevin's mum passed away this Monday just gone. So her passing is still fresh in our minds. We still have her funeral to contend with a week tomorrow. Love and Hugs. xx

  2. I'm glad it's getting easier my love. He would be so proud of you!!

    And we need to chat huh!? Call or text me!!

  3. I lost my Grandpa a couple of years ago too. It's such a difficult thing, and even as time passes the sadness doesn't seem to go away. Thinking about you! Also, that pictures is so beautiful. I thought the same thing when I saw it on your Instagram yesterday.

  4. I just adore that picture. So so sweet. He is smiling down on you, Hallie. <3

  5. I love love love that picture. I'm still so sorry about your loss, but I think it's so amazing you had such a close relationship with him. My one grandfather passed away when I was 7, and I didn't have much of a relationship with the other. You're so blessed to have had an amazing grandpa and earth and a guardian angel now. Thinking of you!

  6. So very sweet. I've sadly lost all three of my grandpas. It's so hard to realize that you'll never see them again, but it's nice to look within yourself and see how they helped to shape your life. And to know that they're always there watching over you! I can't wait to hear what this news is though, I'm super curious!

  7. They are forever with us, everywhere we go. In my family, we believe they become our guardian angels. I never met one of my grandfathers, but I still feel as though he's with me every day.

  8. I'm so sorry for your loss. Heaven is a very lucky place. I gained another guardian angel last summer when my uncle passed away from cancer, and not a day goes by that I wish I could look next door and see him in his driving fixing who knows what.

  9. We are so so so lucky that you share your story with us! You are such an inspiration - and at such a young age. It's really incredible! I know this was a tough day for you, but I hope that all the warm fuzzies and prayers from everyone helped you feel the love!

  10. so sweet! Thank you for sharing your heart girl. I am missing my grandparents a lot too--I wish I could have known them more now that I am an adult. I know they would be so proud!


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