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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's What You Leave Behind You When You Go

The other day in a sit down discussion with my boss, we were talking about business, and money, budgets, and the usual office talk when he said something to me that really hit me like a brick wall.

He began telling me the story of how he had worked on a multi-million dollar project with a man who had more money than he ever knew what to do with; he was nice, but very busy. My boss went on to tell me that same rich man died a few months after the project was completed. When my boss attended his funeral, he was shocked to find that there were only 5 people in the entire room. In a time of celebration of his life, there was nobody and nothing but left over money in his bank accounts.
He was rich in money, but not in life or relationships.

I find myself consistently thinking about money. Bills, savings, and what next thing I can buy with whatever is left in my “play money”. I find myself scrolling instagram adding things to my wish list $50 shoes, $200 designer bags, and anything else that seems to be on the “trend” these days. I know that if these things were not being coveted by others, I would not desire them either, yet even subconsciously as I think in my head “I don’t need that” my want to be IN-Fashion, or On Trend states “but you have to have it”
Usually my budget usually wins and I can talk myself in to saving the money for our future children, or for future vacations. At least until the next “want” comes rolling on in.

When my boss told me this story I began to think about my life and how I am always so consumed with having the BEST things. I am house hunting for a bigger house, even though ours is perfectly fine. I am always looking for a higher paying job, even though I adore everything about my current job including my co-workers which is such a hard concept to find in an office setting. I am looking for new clothes, even though my closet is FILLED to the brim with barley worn items. Yet I am always looking for more.

Erin wrote a post a few weeks back talking about her overly filled schedule, and always being so busy, but her take on it was so positive. She wrote about how being busy meant she had friends to see, people to share her time with, spending date nights with her hubby, and special moments with her family. Which really, she is right. Having those relationships, and consistently staying busy means that you have an amazing life, and are building those every needed relationships that will be there for days, weeks, years, and decades to come.

P and I have started becoming really involved in our church, something we both never thought we would do. Our faith wasn’t strong, and we just didn’t feel the full grace of god, but as we met friends and opened our hearts, the love started flowing in. Those relationships I have built with my church friends could never be explained nor compared. They have filled such a void in my life, and it was all because we decided to take a chance and try something new. We were not wasting our Sunday mornings on expensive brunches and shopping trips. We spend them with our friends worship our amazing God.

My point of this random filled post is after hearing that story of a rich man, with no family, friends, or relationships to leave behind in this world, only his bulging bank accounts. I began reflecting on my life, and my want for all these nice things and lots of money, when I need to be focusing on my family, friends, work relationships, and of course my amazing blogger besties.

Life isn’t about the big house, nice cars, and bank accounts you leave behind.
It’s about changing the world with your smile, helping those in need, laughing with a stranger, and being a shoulder to cry on for a best friend.

Be the person who, when their life is celebrated, there is not an empty seat in the house.
My new mantra.


  1. Great post!! I can totally relate. There are times when I wish I could afford that or get us a new car or even go on that awesome vacation. But then you think about it and realize that money isn't everything, its about those memories you make with family and friends.

  2. I needed this. I know all these things but sometimes you get caught up with feeling sorry for yourself because you don't have all the material things you want. You have to remember the bigger picture. I used to spend any extra money I had on a new handbag or the latest trendy clothing now I use that money to create memories, whether it be a day trip or a night out to dinner with friends. So much more worth it in the long run!

  3. Absolutely. I've thought about this a lot, too, because I'm always wondering, "How do all of these bloggers afford all of this stuff? And how are so many of them rich, stay at home moms? And how can I be one?" Haha. I often feel out of the blogging loop because I can't afford Kate Spade or Anthropologie, and I haven't been on a vacation in about four years. But I love my life, madly and deeply. That's what needs to be focused on. Sure, it's fun to have things. But what fun is it to have no one else there to play with your things with you?

  4. I LOVE THIS. My post today is all about getting the job and sure, it was the money that drew me in first. But at the same time, I may form relationships or grow as a person and that's important to. The minute the job takes too much time away from my family time, it's gotta go. End of story. I love this <3

  5. I love this so much!! Dom and I are going to be on a very tight budget for the next 5+ years with medical training and I find myself focusing and worrying on that way too much. I should be focusing on the free things we can do...aka spending time with each other, friends, family...all the things that matter! Love your new life mantra and I might steal it. :)


  7. This is an ABSOLUTELY beautifully written post, friend! I feel like while sure I love clothes and shoes, I've really come to a point in my life where I don't want to spend money on them because I DONT care about being fashionable or trendy. Sure I buy things when I need it, and I love a good clearance item, but I'm not the one collecting more and more stuff just because everyone else has it. I tell Jared once a week I want our house/life/possessions to be more simple! Life should definitely be more about the experiences, friends, family and love- and less about the 'stuff' :)

  8. I just love this. It's so true, what really matters at the end of the day is what we do and who we are surrounded by, not how much money and how many things we have.

  9. Love this! Such powerful words put together so beautifully. What a great motto for us all to live by!


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